Multifunction Squat Machine Hip Thrust Machine Sit up Exercise Set

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● Widely Applicable Squat Machine: This squat machine supports multiple workout ways such as sissy squat, sit-ups, and push-ups, effectively activating your thighs, abdominal, back and other body parts' muscles to improve your strength, balance, immunity, etc. It's just like having a personal gym in your home!
● Adjustable Cushion and Foot Holder: The height of this squat machine can be adjusted in 4-gear position from 16" to 19" for different groups of people to use. Meanwhile, the foot holder is also adjustable in 4 positions from 6" to 8" for not only fixing your feet in place, but also allowing you to find the most suitable exercise posture.
● Strong and Durable Materials: This squat machine is constructed with strong and thickened steel pipe which can hold the weight capacity up to 330lbs. The premium PU cushion will provide your body with strong support and protect your body from injury while it also offers a comfortable condition when doing exercises.
● Excellent Anti-skid Design: There are 4 anti-skid pads equipped at the bottom of the base, which can effectively increase the friction and enhance the overall stability while also protect the ground from scratches when in use, thus offering you a really stable workout environment and guaranteeing your safety as well. Plus, the supportive tubes at the behind provide you with reliable grips without sliding over when doing sit-ups.
● Portable Design and Easy Storage: The squat machine is designed to be lightweight and compact, thus easy for you to carry it from room to room and store it in the corner or under the bed without taking up much room. It is really suitable for home gym use.


This squat machine can give you a wonderful fitness experience.


If you're sitting in your chair and busy at work every day and don't have time to go to the gym, this multi-purpose squat machine is just designed for you. The equipment can be combined with versatile fitness exercises, including squats, sit-ups and push-ups and effectively exercise your whole body muscles, enhance your immunity, increase strength and improve physical vitality. This squat machine will not only bring you a beautiful body, but also give you confidence and more charm.


If you are looking for a squat machine like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Perfect for home and gym use such as squat exercises, sit-ups, leg extensions, etc. and build up your whole body
  • Equipped with non-slip foot pads which keep the machine stable and ensuring your safety when in use
  • Supportive tubes offering you a steady grip which fits your hand curve when doing push-ups
  • Sturdy steel construction featuring great sturdiness and durability for a long time use
  • Adjustable cushion meeting different workout and providing strong support as well
  • Foot holder fixing your legs firmly and keeping you in safe condition in workout
  • Lightweight and portable design for easy carrying and storage
  • Easy to assemble with the detailed instructions included

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