Mini Vibration Body Fitness Platform with Loop Bands Plastic Iron Silver/Black

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Key Features

  • Multifunctional Exercise Machine: The vibration platform not only helps to improve blood circulation and promote metabolism to keep healthy, but also burn calories to achieve the effect of shaping a good figure. The fitness machine will vibrate the whole body to stimulate muscle tissue, thereby strengthening muscles in all stages of the exercise.
  • Customize Your Fitness Plan: 1-10min timer function and 1-99 level adjustable vibration speed are intended to meet different fitness needs and maximize your workouts. The 3 auto modes allow you to experience different vibration exercises so that you can get different fitness effects. In addition, you can combine vibration exercises with regular fitness programs such as push-ups, yoga, and so on.
  • Easy-to-Operate Remote Control & Clear Display: The remote control allows you to avoid bending over to adjust the mode, time and speed, which brings more convenience to your exercise. The display screen can be used to adjust the exercise plan. Meanwhile, it can clearly show the speed and program to help you track fitness data in real time.
  • Complimentary Yoga Mat: The included yoga mat can help you complete your fitness plan according to your needs. When the yoga mat is under the exercise machine, your fitness will not disturb the residents downstairs. The yoga mat placed on the vibration platform can provide comfort when the body touches the surface of it.
  • User-friendly Design: The suction cup at the bottom will increase stability to ensure the safety of fitness. The two resistance ropes in the package can be linked with the foldable metal loops to exercise arm muscles. Its compact size can be stored under the sofa to improve space utilization when not in use.


Color Silver/Black
Material Plastic + iron
Product dimension 24" x 15.5" x 6" (L x W x H)
Net weight 21 lbs
Power 200W
Voltage 110-120V 60HZ
Speed range 1-99 levels
Timer range 1-10mins
Weight capacity 220 lbs


This vibration platform exercise machine leads the way to possess a healthier and better lifestyle!


The speed can be adjusted from 1 to 99 levels and the timing can be selected within 10 minutes, so you can customize your fitness intensity according to your physical condition. Whether it is a control panel of the vibration plate or a remote control, you can control the time, speed, and mode of fitness. The display screen allows you to track real-time fitness data to make the most scientific fitness plan. The multi-purpose yoga mat can be used to reduce noise and bring extreme comfort. The suction cup keeps the vibration plate in position while it is working. The attached resistance ropes make it possible to exercise the whole body.


If you are looking for a vibration platform like this, do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Offer 1-99 level speed, 3 modes and 1-10 minutes timer
  • Remote control for easy vibration speed, time, mode control
  • Track your fitness speed and program by display
  • Yoga mat to avoid loud noise and increase comfort
  • The suction cup base prevents position shift during vibration
  • Two resistance bands to work out your arms and upper body
  • Full body training to promote blood circulation and lose weight

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