Hot Shot Training Markers, 5-Pack - 7.5" Basketball Training Spots - round Flat Number Dots for Youth & Adult Team Sports

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Say goodbye to traditional cones!

Hot Shots are hardy and durable 7.5" polyvinyl discs that stick like glue to gym floors and help you create custom basketball shooting drills and fun training games in seconds! Thanks to their tough construction and super low profile they're completely safe to step on, which means they're a great alternative to traditional basketball training markers like cones that can be kicked out of place, or worse, potentially can roll an ankle.

Here are a few practice ideas to get you started:

  • Lay out a zig-zag of spots to practice agility
  • Throw down a few spots in a zone to reinforce positioning and build court sense
  • Create a series of shooting drills to target shots players are having difficulty with

How Hot Shots get their name

Starting with ice cold blue on the 5, thawing out green on the 4, warming up yellow on the 3, and on fire orange on the 2, Hot Shots are true to their name and "heat up" as you make consecutive baskets. When you hit 1, you're officially red hot! Great for simple games like around the world, and for isolating problem areas and focusing your practice.

  • GET YOUR GAME ON: Create custom shooting drills and fun games in seconds with Hot Shots
  • HARDY POLYVINYL: Flat, floor disc design is a space-saving alternative to traditional cones. Easy to move and store away
  • NON-SLIP GRIP: 7.5” train discs stick to the court like glue and are long-lasting and fade-resistant
  • WARM UP: Numbered 5-1 and each disc is a different color: Cool blue (five) all the way up to fire-hot red (one)
  • A NEW WAY TO TRAIN: Tackle fresh challenges at your next practice or workout session with these brightly colored adhesives. The perfect gift for a coach or student athlete




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