3PCS TPU Car Tire Snow Chain Wheel Tyre Anti-Skid Belt Safety Chain

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Material: TPU + alloy
Color: Yellow
Speed limit: 50 km/h
Applicable scope: Ice road, snow road and mud road.
Applicable models: Most of the car tires.
Applicable tire width: about 165-265mm / 6.50-10.43 "


1.It is durable, anti-friction and anti-tear.

2.Can resistant to up to -50℃ low temperature.
3.A pad is designed at the bottom of the fixing buckle to make the driving more secure.
4.This fixing buckle made of zinc alloy is designed to ensure that the front and side of the tires will not be worn down.
5.This strong wear-resistant engineering belt with good pressure-resistant performance is not easy to break.

Package Included:
3 x Anti-skid Chains

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