1800W Stainless Steel Infrared Cooktop with Non-Slipping Feet and Adjustable Temperature

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Key Features

● 1800W Efficient Hot Plate: The hot plate includes double 900W burners so that food can be cooked simultaneously, making delicious dishes without waiting. Plus, powered by 1800W and designed with the temperature control system, the hot plate serves to heat up food quickly and provide the optimal temperature.
● Advanced Infrared Heating: To offer an upgraded cooking experience, the hot plate adopts infrared heating. Not only can infrared energy achieve vertical heat conduction, but it also offers even heating for cooking. Besides, the electric burner is also more energy-saving, which minimizes heat loss.
● All Types Of Cookware: This hot plate can accommodate cookware as large as 7.1" in diameter, which is compatible with almost all cookware such as wok, frying pan, aluminum cookware, stainless steel cookware, etc. Thanks to that, you don’t have to buy another stove for certain cookware.
● Safe Operation and Easy Clean-up: Committed to maximizing safety while cooking, the countertop burner features overheat protection to avoid accidents. In addition, plate made of ceramic glass is of great ease to clean up. And the stainless steel frame ensures long service life and is effortless to maintain in your daily life.
● Portable Size and Wide Application: Designed in a compact and portable size, the heat plate only measures 19.5" x 13" x 6.5" (L x W x H), with a weight of 6.5lbs. Therefore, it’s perfect for dorms, studios, RV/caravans, work, camping, etc, convenient to store or use in a small space.


Color Silver
Material Ceramic glass, stainless steel
Product dimensions 19.5"x 13" x 6.5" (L x W x H)
Diameter of heating plate 7.1"
Power 900W+900W
Voltage 120V, 60Hz
Cable length 38"
Net weight 6.5 lbs
Weight capacity for each plate 15.5 lbs


Take this hot plate home and enjoy the upgraded cooking experience.


As a perfect complement to your kitchen, the hot plate is compatible with most cookware, such as frying pan, steak plate, stone pan, etc. You can use this ceramic electric burner to warm food, deep fry and stir fry. It's also worth mentioning that ceramic glass plates with high heat efficiency minimizes heat loss. And the infrared heating technology comes with excellent heat conduction, also making the heating more even for better efficiency. Besides, its stainless steel frame ensures long service life and is easy to clean. To offer a space-saving solution, the countertop burner is ultra compact and portable, thus making it perfect for dorm, RV, camping, etc.


Most importantly, overheat protection is available for a safer cooking experience.


  • Double 900W burners allow you to cook different dishes simultaneously
  • Advanced infrared heating reduces heat loss for more efficiency
  • Adjust the temperature to meet different cooking needs
  • Compatible with all cookware for maximum convenience
  • With no radiation during operation, it's totally safe to use
  • High quality ceramic glass is anti-crack and durable
  • Stainless steel surface are easy to clean up and maintain
  • Designed with overheat protection for a safer cooking environment
  • Features compact and potable size for small space
  • Perfect for camping, studio, dorm, apartment

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