12Amp Corded Scarifier 13” Electric Lawn Dethatcher with 40L Collection Bag

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Key Features

● 2-In-1 Mower and Scarifier: The powerful 12-amp motor rakes 13"wide to effectively solve the problems of trimming and scarifying. In addition, a 40L grass collection bag can gather the lawn debris automatically to save your time and energy.
● 3 Cutting Heights: With 3 depth positions to choose and level 4 for transport, it can adapt to your different needs of garden tidiness. You can adjust the lever to a comfortable depth of mowing and scarifying, which can prevent soil compaction and dispose of lawn debris easily.
● Safety Lock-Off Design: Dual security switch increases your safety while using. Please adjust the blade and depth lever well, and then to start the machine. Press the safety button first and pull on the lever to control the operation. Moreover, the ergonomic grip can relieve fatigue in long working hours.
● Convenient Wheels: The large-diameter front wheels can turn at will and lightweight rear wheels are flexible and labor-saving. Plus powerful motor and refined blades, this ripper gives you an efficient cutting experience.
● Durable Material and Easy Maintenance: Constructed by the wear-resistant cover and solid metal frame, it ensures durability and high-temperature resistance. Since the smooth surface, this trimmer is easy to clean with a dry cloth. And you should check the weeder frequently to ensure it in safe operating conditions.


Color Green/Orange
Material PP, steel
Net weight 20lbs
Overall dimension 40" x 20" x 40" (L x W x H)
Cutting width 13"
Grass collection bag capacity 40L
Voltage/frequency 120V/60Hz
Rated power 12A
3-Position depth adjustment Scarifying: -12/-8/-4mm
Rake -16/-11/-6mm
Rate 3000rmp/min


This lawnmower is ideal for your garden or yard to trim and scarify.


This electric lawn dethatcher has 3 positions to choose and you can adjust it by a lever as needed. Comes with 2 cylinders, you can switch dead grass removing to scarifying easily. Plus a 40L collection bag to gather the grass debris automatically, so you don't need to rake manually. The lock-off lever increases your safety and the ergonomic grip gives you a comfortable touch. Moreover, powerful motor and flexible wheels provide you efficient scarifying appearance. What's more, the durable exterior and solid frame ensure a long time using and easy daily maintenance. The scarifier brings you a convenient and labor-saving working experience.


If you are looking for a product like this. Don't hesitate to buy it!


2-in-1 multifunctional machine for dead grass removing and scarifying
3-position depth adjustment can be changed by a lever
40L grass collection bag to gather lawn debris automatically
Dual safety switch increase the operation security
Different sized wheels can be moved expediently
Powerful motor and refined blades provide an efficient appearance
Carrying handle and lightweight design can be taken effortlessly

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