In 2018 Success Store Corporation, a newborn retail company is created offering mainly home decor products and appliances.

2 years later Success Store Corporation transforms into Success Store online Shop, an internet retailer and expands to many other consumer products offering a variety of items in personal care, home improvement, kids toys and care, gym equipment, protection equipment and so many other.
Success Store Online Shop evolves rapidly into a great internet retailer, bulding trust and respect with its customers.
Our company is in a constant search of new expansion opportunities.
Stable in our phylosophy, as a company our main priorities are:
-the expansion and improvement of our internet distribution network
-the improvement of the variety of our products, following the new market ideas all over the world
-the improvement of our customer service
-the remaining of our competitive product prices.
Staying stable in our original vision, in Success Store Online Shop, e continue to be by your side offering smiles and careful service to every little on of yours!!!


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